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"Weiss PT focuses on your unique, personal PT challenges. The hygienic calming atmosphere encourages optimum health and wellbeing. John understands and is open too creating the best plan for individual PT needs. For me the "Hydro Track" is a big part of my regimen to regain physical strength in recovery from the isolation of the pandemic. Go, try it! you won't be sorry it works!!!"
Aug 14, 2022
"I recently had total knee replacement. John came highly recommended to me by several people at our church. John works individually with each patient. He has good equipment. He is patient but also pushes you to get full motion. Even after my therapy sessions were over, I called John and he spoke with me on the phone and advised several things to do to relieve the discomfort. I would highly recommend John to anyone who needs a therapist in the area."
May 06, 2022
"Weiss therapy is great. John listens to you and adjusts your therapy if needed. I've been to other physical therapy providers and they just keep doing the same thing regardless of what you tell them. I call them cookie cutter therapy. I highly recommend Weiss therapy and I even tell physicians about Weiss therapy when I need therapy. If you want therapy at a place that truly cares Weiss is where you want to go."
Mar 15, 2021
"Best Therapy Around!"
Nov 01, 2019

Read below some of the comments from patients whose lives we have been fortunate to help. To make it easier for you to read about someone with an injury similar to yours, we have categorised the success stories. Please click on the links below to go directly to the section you are most interested in reviewing.

  • Back & Neck

    “I have and will continue to tell and express my successful experience at the Weiss Physical Therapy facility, to my family and friends. I started with myriad problems, most emanating from my spine. With the treatments and exercises John did, I feel like a new person.” –Marcia B.
    “A wonderful place to rehab. Why? Great ‘people’ and extremely knowledgeable and trained professionals as well. I came in with lower back pain and restriction of movement that had limited my daily activities and interaction with my family. After less than a month of hands-on by John, that all-important ball treatment and doing my home exercise program, I am back to my wonderful grandchildren and pain-free. Weiss offers flexible scheduling, a great environment with big windows to look out of, great location and top-of-the-line equipment. Thanks to you all… I will spread the word.”Ken B.
    “As a newcomer to PT, I wasn’t sure what to expect. You put me at ease right away when you explained and answered all my questions. Your treatment area is bright and welcoming. The equipment is first-rate, new and sparkling-clean. Most important, though, was your professionalism, kindness and a cool sense of humor. When my PT was complete, my neck was in great shape. Your support staff are all well-trained and they could not have been nicer… a wonderful group. Many thanks for your help!” – Victoria N.
    “This has been the best place to come for physical therapy! I came in with extreme pain in my neck area. After less than a month of John treating me, and doing my home exercise program, I am now pain-free! They offer very flexible scheduling and I was always warmly welcomed by the staff. I feel like a new person and would highly recommend Dr. Weiss for anyone needing physical therapy.”Connie D.
    “Over the past 5 years, I have received physical therapy from 3 different physical therapy vendors. My treatment at Weiss Physical Therapy has been a very positive experience for the following reasons:

    • At every appointment, your treatment is rendered by the same physical therapist.
    • Treatment is rendered on a one-to-one basis.
    • Exceptional professionalism is displayed by the entire staff.
    • Easy access to the office with reserved parking spaces for Weiss Physical Therapy patients.
    • Office environment is very neat and tidy.
    • Equipment is very modern.

    Eight weeks ago, I walked into Weiss Physical Therapy with severe low back pain. I met my physical therapy goals and with the home low-back pain exercises program provided, I have been able to resume a majority of the physical activities I enjoy.” Michele M.

  • Hip & Knee

    “I was having back problems after surgery and then developed bursitis in my right hip. I was in severe pain when I started therapy with John at Weiss Physical Therapy. I was very impressed with his one-on-one, hands-on treatments. I especially liked the HydroTrack™, which was very beneficial for my hip pain. I soon saw gradual improvement. John was very knowledgeable and caring. I was also very impressed with the friendliness of the entire staff. I would highly recommend Weiss Physical Therapy to anyone.” – Winnefred P.
    “After a total knee replacement and two weeks of in-home physical therapy, I hadn’t noticed much improvement. I started out patient therapy at Weiss and in six weeks I was walking without the help of a cane or any other assistance. I was walking up and down stairs, which I hadn’t been doing for years.” Stewart T.
    “My knee surgery was well-done… a success! Weiss Physical Therapy suggested to my surgeon that pre-surgical therapy was known to be a help. I benefited greatly. Five days after surgery, I called to start therapy. Post-surgery aqua therapy and other exercises helped me to develop endurance and correct non-surgical knee compensation very quickly. Positive therapy attitudes were so important to fully regain use of my knee and reduce pain. Thanks to Weiss Physical Therapy!” – Mary Anne P.

  • Shoulder, Elbow & Hand

    “Broken finger… Following removal of my cast, I came to Weiss Physical Therapy to gain flexibility and strength. John and his staff were knowledgeable, warm and friendly. The process was pleasant and I enjoyed coming in for my appointments. Not only did I regain the use my hand, but I made friends along the way. Thank you for your kindness and care during my recovery.” – Darryl S.

  • Sports Injuries

    “In April 2009, my 15-year-old son Aaron broke his right tibia/fibula. It was a significant break requiring total immobility with a full leg cast for 6 weeks. After removal of the cast, we were referred to John for physical therapy. Aaron received fabulous one-on-one care at Weiss P.T. John threw all kinds of challenges Aaron’s way as his leg got stronger. By August 2009, a mere four months from the date of the injury, Aaron was running cross-country. It is now December and Aaron is on the varsity wrestling team at school. There is no doubt John assisted in Aaron’s quick recovery, especially mobility and strength. Thanks a million.” – Deb and Aaron D.

  • Balance / Vertigo

    “Thank you for increasing my quality of life. I no longer spend part of every day worrying about getting dizzy. Everyone here was great to work with.” – Lisa S.
    “Thank you for going above and beyond to discover that I had not positional vertigo but ocular vertigo. This has made a great improvement in my everyday tasks and lifestyle.” Andrea H.
    “My experience with John Weiss, DPT was a big help to me. My dizziness in my head with his exercises went away. My balance is better. He was very patient and thorough. Thanks to John Weiss, I feel a lot better.” – Gloria S.

  • General Therapy

    “Special care by the physical therapist, good working exercises and equipment, very caring treatment.” – Tony A.
    “You have got a good thing going. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first came in, but my experience here will help me in my future with more to come.”James M.
    “Overall, I was very satisfied with my treatments while in therapy. The therapist is very knowledgeable and treated me exactly where I had pain.” – Shyamlata P.
    “Have been feeling real good. This has helped a lot.” Gale S.
    Extremely satisfied; very gentle. Very much a gentleman and service was appreciated; did not push when I was exhausted. Dr. Weiss did not insist on continuing but gave rests when needed. Water therapy was very appreciated.” – Richard K.
    Very good experience; I am very satisfied.”Virginia P.
    • Promptness.
    • Willing to listen.
    • Adaptability of exercise regimen.
    • Pre-surgery regimen is outstanding.” – M.P.
    “I came to Weiss Physical Therapy after breaking my foot three times in 15 months. John Weiss realized that my foot was slightly misaligned. No one had ever told me that before. Through a series of home exercises and office visits I was able to realign my foot and my ability to balance. I feel the therapy provided by John Weiss, DPT was exemplary, necessary and would be a benefit to anyone who needs therapy. I would highly recommend that anyone even thinking about therapy come to Weiss Physical Therapy and see what John can do the help them.”Jack B.