Aquatic Therapy – HydroTrack™

Increase your mobility with HydroTrack™ – gentle, effective aquatic exercise therapy

Aquatic therapy exercises are a gentle way for virtually anyone to get the benefits of movement and strength building. Weiss Physical Therapy is proud to offer you the HydroTrack personal aquatic therapy products. Think of it as an “aquatic therapy pool for one.” You sit or stand in the HydroTrack to perform the movements and exercises prescribed for you. With HydroTrack, you have the privacy of an individual aquatic therapy unit that’s customized for your exact needs.

HydroTrack features:

  • Precise temperature control
  • Water levels adjust depending on your size & the exercises being performed
  • Reversible treadmill
  • Jets to create water resistance

Is HydroTrack right for you? It’s ideal for:

  • Chronic back or degenerative arthritis pain
  • Injury rehabilitation or rehabilitation physical therapy – Especially knee injuries, back injuries & other injuries that require non- or partial weight-bearing exercise.
  • Post-stroke & other neurological problems – If you have trouble sitting, standing or walking on your own, it’s easier to increase mobility in the water.
  • Aquatic sports performance training – For preseason training & for low-impact conditioning throughout the season.

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